From a passion for baking that was handed down to me by my Mother, Two Cupcakes and a Tart emerged.   It all started off as a dream years ago, to own a Bake Shoppe alongside my Mother and Sister and to create quality baked goods.   We joked that my sister and I were  “Two Cupcakes” which meant that our matriarch of baking (our Mom) should be crowned, the “Tart”…and so the name Two Cupcakes and a Tart was born.

After years of not pursing our dream, I decided to look to the next generation of bakers in our family to bring this dream to reality. Now, alongside my daughters, my “Two Cupcakes” I have now taken my position as the lead “Tart” in this story.  Not wanting to be left out of the adventure, my husband decided that he too should be crowned and therefore is now known as the “Stud Muffin’. :-)