collage 2Thanks so much for all the delicious goodies!!!! Two cupcakes and a Tart are definitely in for great success!!! – Jenna D, Milton, ON.

My wife loved the cupcakes.. the Rainbow ones in particular. Thanks a lot!! Srini S, Mississauga, ON.

♦ Thank you!! Your baked goods were a hit!!! The cupcakes and the assorted platter were delicious. Thank you so much! Karen T – Burlington, ON.

♦ Thank you very much for the cakepops you delivered this morning, Dr. Sky said they look great!  She also said the cake for her daughter’s  communion was wonderful too!!Royal York Orthodontics, Etobicoke, ON.

♦ Just thought you might like some feedback on the baked goods you made for me.  In a word……..Awesome!   Each baked good had it’s own distinct taste.  All equally as good!!  When I brought the box of goodies in – everyone couldn’t believe how beautiful they looked – not an easy task to have them taste good AND look good!!  My daughter loved the sugar cookies with the fondant – they weren’t overly sweet which was nice.There is no doubt that “Two Cupcakes And A Tart” will be a great success!!   I certainly wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you to anyone looking for good quality yummy baked goods. – Joanne S, Etobicoke, ON.

I ordered some Lemon Squares & Fern Tarts, they were very yummy, and did not last long! It is obvious they use only fresh quality ingredients.  I also ordered a custom-made English Battenberg cake. This is a complex cake to make, but they did a wonderful job. This tasted much better than the store bought version and the additional floral imprinting on the marzipan was a very nice touch.  I would highly recommend Two Cupcakes and a Tart to anyone and will be ordering again! – Mark P, Toronto, ON.

The quality and freshness of the muffins and cookies I have gotten from Two Cupcakes and a Tart is excellent!  I keep going back for more because they taste so delicious!  Our dogs are not picky eaters, but I know these gourmet dog treats have them drooling for a second helping! – Cathy C, Mississauga, ON.

The cupcakes were great…especially the peanut butter icing, it’s awesome!!! My husband said they were the best cupcakes he  ever had! My son loves, loves loves the cherry/white chocolate chip cookies so much!!! If I didn’t stop him, he would have eaten them all at once…really good recommendation!  And I love the peanut butter icing! Thank you very much!- Sally X, Mississauga, ON.

OMG, the cupcakes are wonderful and the detail on the Hockey Jersey’s and Sticks were amazing.  You are very talented!!! – Mary J, Oakville, ON.

Just wanted to say thanks for the baking – it was great!  Butter tarts – divine! And the cupcakes were lovely, the density of the cake was perfect and Oh so fresh.  Two thumbs up for ‘Two Cupcakes and a Tart’. – Leanne K, Etobicoke, ON.

I ordered peanut butter cookies and peanut buttercup cupcakes…both were great!  They were flexible on the contents and their creativeness appears to be endless.  I recommend Two Cupcakes and a Tart! – Mark A, Georgetown, ON.

SPECTACULAR is the word I would describe the products and services that “Two Cupcakes and a Tart” have to offer.  There are many assorted flavors of baked goods to choose from.  (I especially like the peanut butter cookies and the apple crumble pie).  I mean they even make dog treats!  (Not that I tried them myself ;p) I definitely would recommend this Bake Shoppe to everyone because not only are the baked goods delicious, but they are delivered on a time.  My Kudos to the bakers involved! – Ralph B, Markham, ON.


Denise & Fam, Etobicoke ON.


Easter Fun with Treats by TC&AT!











Coffee & Cake?! Some Special customers enjoying the shoppe!










Another satisfied customer!! :-) Diane L, Etobicoke, ON.